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what if it was easy?

In my magic making circle course a few years ago I started asking the women, 'what if it was easy?' Not to say that things shouldn't be hard, that we shouldn't work hard, but what if inside of every struggle or challenge or obstacle or decision there was a path of ease that we could unlock?

I believe this path always exists. 

Sometimes easy for me is simply choosing not to be mad at my partner and instead give him space to figure things out on his own.

Easy can be cereal for dinner, left-overs for breakfast and ice cream for lunch.

Finding the ease could be partnering with a woman who is so brilliant, gorgeous, loving and intuitive that you can't possibly believe this is your life.

One of our newest products released next week is all about our intention of living inside of the easy paths, embracing challenges and moving inside of them.

We need these reminders all the time. 'What if it was easy?'

And we need the faith that the path truly does always exist.