:: because you are the most amazing creature walking this earth ::


#shesaid :: I can feel my power when I slip it on.. the most gorgeous, love-fueled, world changing power.

#shesaid :: You are a golden goddess, trusting your gut, walking into the light.

#shesaid :: It feels like wearing a hug, arms wide open, wrapped around my soul.

#shesaid :: It's soft and luscious, warmth and comfort and beauty.

#shesaid :: It's like being part of a movement.

#shesaid :: The magic is tangible, like the words will infuse into my heart and forever be a part of who I am and my becoming.

#shesaid :: When I #ilovethislifenow, I am stepping into the circle. When I slip the fleece over my bare skin, I am in the circle. When I see other women loving this life now, we are in the circle.

#shesaid :: It feels like a magic talisman in my pocket. #ilovethislifenow It is the rebel softness I wear upon my skin to guide me through the chapters of this life, reminding me ALL is worthy of celebration. It in the map that guides me home. To myself. It is the soulsigh of a sacred sisterhood.

#shesaid :: A warm reminder to appreciate within confusion. That peace is always there. Blissful and cozy and trusting. The soft and grey reminds me of how I want to feel in my skin. And I do.

#shesaid :: I am part of something so much bigger than I could ever imagine. Come get a warm hug and know you are moving in the direction you want to. 

#shesaid :: I am using my voice to carve out this space, using my intention to reclaim what's mine. When I say #ilovethislifenow I am beckoning more of myself forward, summoning the life that I desire from the deep.

#shesaid :: I am cloaked in the softest of love while I'm wearing this gorgeous sweater. It feels like magic, hot cups of delicious coffee and cozy afternoon naps. It is my declaration to the world without having to speak. #ilovethislifenow